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December 30,2014

Sunday Brunching..!!

This place has a wide Buffet spread and delicious, service is great, ambience is good, wide range of desserts...Prices are steep. In short for people with tremendous appetite- this place is good for sunday brunching...
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
  • Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott Hotelimage
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sanketshah91 - Burrp User


May 07,2014

bucket list

The different live counters were the best which included pasta pizza, thai and some paratha with chicken etc. We also had breakfast buffet. The staff are very attentive without being intrusive and extremely polite. The chef's were very helpful in advising on the selection of dishes, especially when sampling the numerous Indian choices.The hotel has an amazing view of the sea, which you can experience from the Lotus Café or by stepping out on the courtyard.
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Oscar Dsouza - Burrp User

Oscar Dsouza

April 11,2014

Liquid Buffet

I have been to this place a couple of times already, The first being a pleasant dinner almost a year ago and just last week for their so called liquid buffet the deal - Rs 1350 for the buffet and Rs 1500 for unlimited alcohol for 2 hours. Reasonable pricing considering it is a 5 star. The food lay out was not the best, good selection of salads and cheese, Live pasta / pizza & chat counters. The menu could do with a few more starters as the buffet mainly comprised of main course. Overall food pretty decent. The desserts on the other hand was fabulous must try the mud cake. Equal mix of Indian and western desserts. The only thing i was not happy with is the service of alcohol, It took almost 10 mins to get the next round of drinks (Probably a strategy to ensure you do not really drink all you can in the 2 hour time frame) The good thing is the buffet was open way past the 3 pm close. Lunch during the summer is not highly recommended as the drapes cover the external beauty of the hotel and the scorching sun is no match for the under powered Air conditioning. Overall experience value for money, average food, good ambiance.
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L B - Burrp User


March 22,2014

Zero Star

Their feature says large group friendly but believe me, that it is not at all – as experienced by our large group for dinner to celebrate a happy event. Service? They need to learn what it means! Food? Soup was cold and it was not a gazpacho. For bread rolls, you needed a very long arm and couldn't make out, where the butter was hidden. Pasta was tasteless with watery sauce. Puris of pain-puri seemed to have been made by aliens. Ragda-pattice looked insipid. For the first time tried a chilled chicken tikka – they should apply for a patent. Petite looking desserts felt stale. The server did not know how to scoop an ice-cream. Pizza were insipid, though it might have been the best item for the day and that should convey what rest of the food was like! Basically this is a zero star place in a 5 star Hotel and don't have enough words to express, how disappointing it was!
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

September 08,2013

Quality has gone down over time

This review has been long over due, I have been there a couple of times, with friends & with family. Initially when I went there I found the ambiance & setting exhilarating, the food & food quality excellent & the buffet spread itself extremely good, & the service pleasant & courteous. Sadly apart from the ambiance & service everything else has deteriorated over time. Lets start off with the salads, before there was a better spread of salads, this has now been reduced to a mere anti pasti spread, the chefs do not know how to handle certain ingredients; for example the Calamari preparations which were soft & melted in one's mouth have become more like rubber on a plate (squid is very tricky to cook I understand but when one pays such a steep price for a buffet & with a brand like JW Marriott one does expect the chef's to pay a little more attention to the ingredients). The bread spread which was better & replenished faster has also reduced, the bread rolls are often hard & the so called flavored breads lack flavor, as if one has just sprinkled the ingredients on to the bread instead of kneading them along with the dough. The live counters used to change from time to time & offered a varying delectable spread; however now a days you will find the same live counters serving the same things over & over again; this sort of a dry monotone makes one wonder if the meal was actually worth it. The main courses, which also used to be vibrant & delicious, with the offerings varying from time to time, have sadly lost flavor, I feel they are just rotating stocks from other restaurants to fill up their chaffing dishes. They taste more like butter; less like food. The quantity of meat offerings has also become lesser, & the quantity of meal in the gravies has also reduced. The desserts; which were once the main attraction to eat there, have been reduced to tasteless, overcooked bite sized pastries. They are now a tasteless bunch of attractive looking props, lacking any form of substance what so ever. In conclusion I just hope that this review serves as a wake up call to the management, I sincerely hope they change & bring back some of that old charm that they had, until then we will all have to just wait & watch!!!
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Aniruddh Chaturvedi - Burrp User

Aniruddh Chaturvedi

January 11,2007

Excellent Buffet!

Lotus Cafe, situated in JW Marriott, is one of the best restaurants/cafes situated in Mumbai. You should try out the Sunday Brunch, which is priced at Rs. 1100 per head. They have each and everything under the sun. From coconut water to all kinds of mocktails, and from caviar to dal and rice or sabji!
They have a full range of food for kids. There is a reallllly long table which is full of desserts, from top to bottom. They have a chocolate fountain, wherein you can dip anything you want into it. Nevertheless, I really love this cafe and I look forward to coming here, month after month.
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