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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

October 09,2013

Awesome Place!

I have reviewed Chutneys earlier but I am compelled to post a review again! I just love whatever this place has to offer. Few weekends back, me and my wife impulsively decided to stop by when we were passing through the area.

It was 7 pm and we were hoping to catch some tea and vadas. Unfortunately (and later on as we realized, luckily) they don't serve vadas after 7 pm. We felt sort of deflated as it was only 7:10 pm when we ordered. So grudgingly we ordered for tea and chilly paneer starters. To our surprise, the chilly paneer was awesome. The paneer was real soft and the spices and sauce just right. It was not made in the traditional Chinese way and had a bit of Indian-ness in it. But I guess that is what makes this a great place. I would really recommend chilly paneer to people. (in addition to a lot of other things on the menu!).
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Prasad Vishnu - Burrp User

Prasad Vishnu

August 05,2013

Guntru idli ...

It is the last time i was at Chutneys, was at the time of my friends birthday party...and it is a very cool atmosphere they have created for us and the buffet is also fine and cool and it consists of almost south varieties and i have tried almost everything. The ambiance is very cool and they receiving is also good. we started with a mocktail and continued with starters and the main course is also very fine to its part and the desert is also very much tasty and i have to tell you that the varieties of chutneys available for different items differs and it is the most cool thing.It will never be same for any of the items with same chutney. I am regular visitor for trying varieties of dosa and i found this place very helpful and have tried most of their dosas and they are worth trying. Idlis are also worth try and my fav is the Guntur idli.....the accompany would be the ghee and varieties of chutneys ....which make it the heaven on earth. Totally it is a very good experience and i am satisfied with their service. My rating (5) service-5 food-5 ambiance-5 value for money-4
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Ajay Kumar - Burrp User

Ajay Kumar

July 12,2013

Starts your day hygiene & healthy

Chutney's is the best place i have ever been for a break fast especially. Any time your mom is late in preparing your break fast, just drop in at chutney's and you will feel you are at home. Also, the ragi (copper) tumblers in which they serve drinking water may remind you moments spent with your grannies. If you get to go there anytime, please do try the steam dosa - soft and steaming with 3 varieties of chutneys to eat along. Over all I say Chutney's is the best in taste, hygiene and yes in their pricing.
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Leeon Passi - Burrp User

Leeon Passi

January 21,2013

Paneer Tikka Dosa - Wow ji WoW

Ok so this restaurant serves south and north Indian both but then you have 6 chutneys so you have to order dosas and idlis. But it doesn't finish at that. The ambiance is dimly lit beautiful restaurant with old hindi songs being played on a very low volume giving it a lovely touch. The service is quite fast but the restaurant is mostly full so maybe you will have to wait sometimes. The paneer tikka dosa and the palak paneer doses are very very very tashhhty and very fulfilling too. Then steam dosa with the jaggery melted is almost a sweet dish in itself. But the main thing Chutneys - Peanut, Cashew, Coconut, Corn, Tomato, Chilli. Absolutely wow. Each one has a peculiar taste and sometimes combining them makes a taste of its own. The food is served hot. But they make you wait a loong time for the bill. Overall a very nice experience for south indian food. Will i return ...
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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

July 09,2012

Simply the best in south Indian food

This place is simply the best in south Indian food that Hyderabad had to offer. I have been here many times and probably tried everything on the menu. It is one of those places where whatever they make is a hit. Whether it is the Guntur Idli, MLA Pesaratu Dosa, Palak Dosa or even the Chinese fare, everything is fabulous. The assortment of chutneys and well made sambhar always put a smile on my face. Do try the sweet chutney - it is irresistible. The ambiance is fine and it feels like a place that wants to welcome you back. Do not miss this place for anything. Full marks.
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