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October 04,2015

Up to the mark

We found food, service and ambiance up to the mark. Though a bit expensive but you would not mind for the quality you get.
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Shwetank Kumar - Burrp User

Shwetank Kumar

June 14,2015

Does not live up to the expectations!!!

We went to Umerkot for dinner on a satieday after checking the reviews and ratings. Though the ambience was nice and warm the charm was spoiled by bad service.The waiters seemed to be laid back and reluctant. I had to call multiple times for order and any modifications. The food was served with long intervals and your idea of starter with drinks would go for a toss.
The food on the other hand was ok. We had Dal makhani and a paneer lababdar. The Dal lacked salt and paneer was fine. The food seemed to be overpriced. The mocktails were also boring.
Overall it was just ok experience given the name of the restaurant.
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Super se bi Upar--- Umerkot

We went to this place on Christmas day last year with our office crew and lovely and beautifully decorated. Loved the ambiance of the place but the only down side is that the music in the place it just is so bad it spoils the mood.....indeed you would lose your appetite if you get too involved with the music....

Have heard so much about their kebabs which are very unique and staff being very friendly, they personalize the menu as per our requirement.....But we went for the lunch buffet here and it is sure shot value for money if the office is paying......The spread of starters were .. aloo tikki, fresh green salad, tandoori gobi...not too much there to n spicy soups just one of veg n non veg..... Then comes the roti platter with the sabzi and gravy and dal... then the pulao/biryani. All were good.. but not too much variety.....The desserts blew me away, I had to fill myself with the desserts...... Phirni, rosogulla, angoori gulab jamun, ice cream. .. Will recommend it to friends if the work place is paying for it....

If you are going in with family and you have to pay then it is a little too expensive for the quantity of food on the buffet.....I would recommend all the food on the menu to try....If you are paying it is worth a try....
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anurag1700 - Burrp User


November 24,2013

Worst Ever

Review for a vegetarian group of 5 people. We went on a Sunday afternoon for buffet. I wish I could rate this restaurant minus 10. Worst ever restaurant of my life. Worst ever booking service, worst ever customer service, worst ever food, and here comes the strangest and the best part- worst ever 'special' customers (one of the the residents of this hotel who eats regularly at this restaurant) that have an ego the size of a continent. We only had a problem with food until this customer vehemently objected to our objection and ended up creating an unwanted scene - Now comes the tip of the ice berg- There is no manager to manage this feud - Waiters say he has gone out in his duty hours. I wish I could paste this same feedback every day until I hear an apology from the right people responsible. We could not tolerate the stale starters and hence, could not eat beyond starters and walked out except that customer did not let us walk out politely. Enough Said.
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Raghu Iyer - Burrp User

Raghu Iyer

January 20,2013

Decent place.. no issues!

So it was a lazy n wifey went thru reviews on burrp n zeroed in on umer kot. Was a gamble... but paid off...Go for the buffet... 350 person. Value for money. Starters were basic.. aloo tikki, sprouts, green salad, grilled gobi...soup. Then comes the roti platter with the sabzi and gravy and dal... then the pulao/biryani. All were good.. The desserts blew mw away. Phirni, rosogulla, angoori gulab jamun (to die for) , ice cream. .. Will recommend it to friends.
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rpb_india - Burrp User


December 08,2012

Yada yada yada ,,,

As you can see I can't be bothered to even come up with a review title for this restaurant. In my book this place falls in the 'over-hyped' category. We were here a few months ago seeing all the glowing reviews. The very fact that I remember hardly anything about the dishes we tried proves how forgettable the experience was. All I remember is feeling dissappointed at the end of the meal and thinking 'This is it?!'. It's just another high priced restaurant passing off average food as 'fine dining'. My local fast food place serves the same quality for half the price. The meats were tough and everything was either over seasoned or under seasoned. The 'nariyal ki shikanji' drink was so bad it deserves a special mention here. The service is poor. Our food took 45 minutes to arrive. The decor is jaded, nothing to write home about. The place is a bit cramped and lighting is poor. The air conditioning was either not working as expected or they were trying to cut costs. Anyway, I would certainly recommend this place. To my frenemies.
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govindankhala - Burrp User


August 02,2012

Superb!!!! after a pause

I have been very regular to Umerkot and loved the food that they serve; not very spicy and of great quality. However two of my visits were not matching to my expectations and thus the frequency of my visits reduced.I visited Umerkot last monday with some office colleagues. The food was back on the bang. Exceptional. They have introduced a few new items. There is a paneer kebab.. it would blow you off. The Nihar Gosht was wonderful.Overall a great experience and it was good to see my favorite restaurant, on course.I personally think that the quality of food is great value.. maybe they can improve on the quality of roti and naan.
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mrjuneja - Burrp User


June 09,2012

Wow!! Awesome food!

i went to Umerkot with 2 other friends. The place looks Unassuming from outside. The staff is cordial . The ambiance is okay .
Food : I was Veg and other two were non-veg. Shorba was as usual you can find at any other place. We ordered Murg Abeer : As per the guys it was awesome and Himachali Khumb was also good. The spice was good.

Raara Gosht : Good
Khazaana-E-Lazaat ( Kofta ) : can be avoided.
Bilafi kulcha and khurmi naan : A must try if you go here .

I burrped! Love this place! a tad costly though
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